Drive to Work

The payroll deduction scheme that allows your staff to be

On Time



Our program is designed to maintain your staff’s vehicles and ensure they remain reliable and roadworthy. We offer stress-free payment plans with no additional interests to private companies. Simply provide your organisation’s purchase order and agree to payroll deductions. Partner with us today for an affordable and reliable business solution.

Why should my company join?

Whilst you want your staff to arrive on time, driving to work is expensive and inaccessible to most staff.

Moreover, providing employee loans isn’t always a viable option. Most companies already struggle with bank borrowings or micro-finances that cost 7-8%/mo (or 100%/year compounded).

That’s why we’ve created this payroll-deductible scheme! At no extra cost to you or your staff, we’ll ensure that all the cars are running smoothly. Driving to work will be comfortable, safe and efficient for your employees.

What do I, as an employer, have to do?

  1. Open a credit account with Kwik-Fit. Your staff can then negotiate a good price with any of our participating branches and bring the quotation to you for approval.
  2. Issue a Purchase Order to Kwik-Fit and agree to deduct your staff salary in four equal monthly instalments.
  3. Kwik-Fit will take care of the rest! We’ll maintain the health of the cars, making getting to work a breeze.

Interested in joining? Send us an email to discover how your business can benefit. 

If you are an employee and interested in introducing your company to this scheme, email us the contact details of the person we should speak to. 


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